Demon Slayer

Welcome to Demon Slayer Legends!

You wake up one day, and you're at Ubuyashiki Mansion! You wander around, bemused, until you stumble upon the Great Hall of the Ubuyashiki Mansion, and the splendid smells within it. Once there you start asking lots of stupid questions. Demon Slayers (who are mostly Slytherin for some strange reason) throw things at you; declaring that you are a "n00b." You escape by ducking into a nearby class room and once there find a rack of pamphlets on a shelf by the door. The title of the pamphlet reads: "Everything You Wanted to Know About Demon Slayer Legends, but Were Afraid to Ask." Looking furtively around to make sure nobody's watching, you open one and read:

So, you're a Newbie. Welcome to the club. Here you will find answers to the questions that plague you. Well, actually you will find answers to the questions that plagued *us* (the staff). So, here, read and learn, and leave *us* alone!"

New Player Primer
MOST Frequently Asked Questions -- READ THIS
Guidelines to Roleplaying (RP)
Frequently Asked Questions on Technical Issues
Frequently Asked Questions on Rules and Appropriate Conduct
Frequently Asked Questions on Alignment, Phoenixes, and Horcruxes
Frequently Asked Questions on Emoticons
Frequently Asked Questions on Friend Lists and Ignore Chat Users
Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage

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The Staff.
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