Hashira Training, Yokai, and more

Go to the Ubuyashiki Estate and visit the Hashira Training grounds to spar with masters, the heroes of Demon Slayer themselves, each possessing unique strengths, fighting styles, and special abilities. Each level takes you a step closer to the pinnacle of power, testing your skills, endurance, and determination. Here is how it works.

The Hashira Training
On your journey to becoming the ultimate demon slayer, you will face a new master as you advance each level. The challenge begins with the kind-hearted but formidable Tanjiro Kamado at level 1. Once you have proven your worth against Tanjiro, level 2 beckons, introducing Zenitsu Agatsuma and his electrifying fighting style. The challenges increase as the ferocious Inosuke Hashibira awaits you at level 3, followed by the powerful Genya Shinazugawa at level 4. The elegance and deadly precision of Kanao Tsuyuri are your test at level 5, followed by the spectral abilities of Muichiro Tokito at level 6. Then, you face the stoic water Hashira Giyu Tomioka at level 7, followed by the deadly poison of Shinobu Kocho at level 8. As you progress, the challenges get tougher, but so do your skills and experience. Tengen Uzui's flamboyant, powerful combat style waits at level 9. The strength and flexibility of Mitsuri Kanroji will test your mettle at level 10. At level 11, you must battle against Sanemi Shinazugawa's fierce wind techniques. The silent and deadly Obanai Iguro is your opponent at level 12, and finally, the stone Hashira Gyomei Himejima presents the ultimate test at level 13. And as you reach the zenith of this challenge, level 14, you face the passionate flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku.

Each Hashira offers a unique set of combat techniques, and their skills intensify as you level up. Beating each one is a badge of honor, and also a step closer to becoming an elite Demon Slayer.

Our team has been tirelessly working to ensure that our game continues to evolve, remaining immersive and exciting for our players. We believe that part of this evolution involves staying connected with you, our valued players. To this end, we are always eager to hear from you. Feedback, suggestions, or ideas - are all welcome. Do you have thoughts on how we could improve the Hashira Training? Or perhaps an idea for a new challenge or storyline? Whatever your suggestion, we are all ears. After all, this game is for you!

Yokai and Other Additions
Furthermore, we're thrilled to announce that our most recent updates should now provide a more immersive Demon Slayer experience. You'll notice the atmosphere of Demon Slayer and Taisho era Japan reverberating through every corner of the game. The weapons, armor, pets, mounts, and drinks available for purchase are all designed to reflect the vibrant and rich culture of this period.

Beyond this, our gaming world is now teeming with demons and Yokai from Japanese folklore. The forest, once home to parody creatures, now serves as a hunting ground for these unique opponents.

As we continue to expand and enhance the game, you can expect more thrilling features, challenges, and experiences. We hope these updates will captivate you, providing a deeper and more satisfying gaming experience. After all, the game isn't just about leveling up, it's about experiencing a story, a world that's as rich as it is challenging.

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!WaterHashira GiyuuTomioka • Monday, June 26, 2023 - 5:54am • #1

I am so excited to hear from you all as well. We are open to suggestions for other events and fights! We definitely want to hear from you guys!

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